General Information about IISERs

The Government of India has established the IISERs at Berhampur, Bhopal, Kolkata, Mohali, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, and Tirupati to integrate and promote interdisciplinary science education and research. Over the years, the IISERs have been successfully attracting talented young minds. An overarching goal of the IISERs is to enable students to shape the nation by inventing and implementing sustainable solutions for societal problems through research in science. This is being achieved by our faculty of international repute together with bright students. In a short span of time, the IISERs have generated an incredible amount of intellectual property in the form of publications and patents.

About the BS and BS-MS Dual Degree Programs

  • Five-year dual degree program for science students
  • Classroom learning integrated with research, providing ample scope for interdisciplinary activities
  • Curriculum with a focus on both breadth and depth in the natural sciences, engineering sciences and economics
  • Opportunity to pursue impactful research
  • Fully residential campuses with well-equipped hostels
  • Access to on-campus medical facilities along with sports and other recreational facilities

Key Features

  • Highly competent and motivated faculty with passion for teaching and pursuing research in frontier areas of science
  • Integrated undergraduate teaching and cutting-edge research
  • Exposure and access to world-class research facilities right from the start of the program
  • Research internships and year-long research projects leading to MS thesis with opportunities for interdisciplinary research