• The application fee is not refundable.
  • Refund policy for the Seat Acceptance Fee is given below :
    1. The candidate can withdraw his/her seat/offer by pressing the button “WITHDRAW OFFER” in the application portal. No other form/method of withdrawal is accepted. Email or phone communication in this regard is not entertained.
    2. Once candidate has withdrawn, he/she will not be considered for further rounds of admission process. A withdrawn candidate cannot re-enter the admission process again under any circumstances.
    3. There are two important withdrawl dates :
      • Round-wise withdrawal (RW) date, and
      • Final withdrawal (FW) date. RW and FW dates can be found below.
    4. If a candidate withdraws from the counselling process before RW deadline, then no cancellation fee will be applicable.
    5. If a candidate withdraws after the RW deadline, but on or before FW, then the non-refundable amount will be deducted.
    6. IISERs and JAC are not liable for losses incurred if your application is not withdrawn in the above manner and on or before the stipulated date and time.
    7. Once a candidate has withdrawn the offer through the counselling portal, the amount due will be returned through the same channel (credit/debit card, bank account etc.) used to pay the SAF. Such candidates do not have to take any additional steps towards their SAF refund. Refund process will start only after three weeks of the completion of the admission process.
    8. If the candidate does not withdraw on or before FW deadline, then the SAF will be transferred to the allotted IISER. Any further withdrawal will be taken care by that particular IISER following the instructions given below.
    9. If the candidate fails to join in-person at the offered IISER on the joining date mentioned in the offer letter of the respective IISER, the cancellation fee decided by the concerned IISER will be applicable.
    10. Further, candidate who have paid SAF but fail to show up by the last date of admission fee payment at the concerned IISER will not be considered for further rounds of admission.
    11. If the candidate decides to discontinue after joining any particular IISER, the refund policy of that IISER will be applicable. The Seat Acceptance Fee will be eventually transferred to the IISER which the candidate finally registers at, and the respective IISER will collect the remainder of the fees that may be applicable locally from the candidate upon registration at the particular IISER.

Important last dates for withdrawal:

Withdrawal Dates

Round-wise Withdrawal dates (Without Penalty) Final Withdrawal Date (With Penalty)
Round - 1 14 July 2023; 4 pm 30 July 2023: 4 pm
Round - 2 20 July 2023; 4 pm 30 July 2023: 4 pm
Round - 3 25 July 2023; 4 pm 30 July 2023: 4 pm
Round - 4 30 July 2023; 4 pm 30 July 2023: 4 pm
Round - 5 4 August 2023; 4 pm 4 August 2023: 4 pm
Round - 6 9 August 2023; 4 pm 9 August 2023: 4 pm
Round - 7 14 August 2023; 4 pm 14 August 2023: 4 pm
Round - 8 19 August 2023; 4 pm 19 August 2023: 4 pm
Round - 9 21 August 2023; 4 pm 22 August 2023: 4 pm
Round - 10 24 August 2023; 4 pm 25 August 2023: 4 pm

Please Note

  • Requests for extension of last date for withdrawal will NOT be entertained.
  • For withdrawals before round-wise deadline, entire SAF will be refunded in full.
  • For withdrawals after round-wise deadline but before final withdrawal date Rs. 10,000.00 (Rs. 5,000.00 for SC/ST) will be deducted. Rest of the SAF will be refunded.
  • For withdrawals after the final withdrawal date, withdrawal and refund rules of admitting IISER will apply.