Seat Allocation

Seat Allocation has now closed for all programs and for all channels.

Link to view Seat Allocations


1. Check SA fee page for details on Round policy. Disbursement of refunds will start soon.

2. Closing ranks for SCB channel are based on common or overall rank list and listed separately for each category. Check downloads below.


Read the “Information about Seat Allocation” carefully (link provided below).

Read the instructions provided in the Seat Allocation Portal carefully.

Check the SA Fee page for details on SA fee, Withdrawal and Refund policy.

Read this to know how to navigate through the seat allocation portal.


Information about the Seat Allocation procedure is available here.

List of Seats available at different IISERs is available and will be updated here.

The schedule followed during seat allocation has been updated here.

List of Closing ranks of offered seats is available and will be updated here after each round starts.